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My experience at Musicube Academy, Bonn (2016/2017)

Aktualisiert: 26. Juni 2019

Last week somebody from India asked me about my experience "Filmscoring and Production" in Bonn


This is Prasad from India.

I came across your profile on your website wherein you had mentioned that during 2017 you did a Musicube Academy course “Film Scoring & Production”.

As I am in search of an online course for my son, your kind guidance and experience with Musicube’s course will allow to me finalize the course.

If possible, can you please share me your thoughts on this course and how well it added up your skills?

Thanks, in advance.

In retrospect, I really enjoyed being there and did not want to miss one day.

You get a lot inspiration and fundamental key tools and you learn how to work with them.

Most important for me was the regular exchange between the lecturer and the students.

There is no universal formula or method way how to handle music composition.

You must learn how to apply your given tools and combine it with your knowledge, your hearing eperience, your skills and creativity.

The Musicube Academy offers you a broad spectrum of all important things concerning filmscoring and production.

Also for experienced composer or musician it could be a great opportunity to refesh skills and knowledge and to improve yourself in a new way.

All in all, I can definitely recommend joining the Musicube Academy and to maybe continue with a Bachelor of Music Composition for Film and Theatre in Arnhem.

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